DZ-600T Single Chamber Vertical Vacuum Packager

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Model No : DZ-600T

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DZ-600T vacuum packager is featured by automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging of large products like frozen food in cold storage industries, pharmaceutical, aquatic, chemical and electronic industries.

Single chamber machine is perfect for vacuum packaging your product to extend shelf life. Prevent freezer burns and maintain your product in a controlled atmosphere.

Transparent lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations.

Two Operation modes possible Vacuum only /seal only

Hygienic design easy to learn

Complete stainless steel structure for maximum durability

Equipped with an excellent vacuum system

Excellent sealing system

Simple operate microcomputer system

Model No.



220V 50/60Hz

Pumping Speed

1.8 m3/h

Workroom size

270X680X325 mm

Sealing length

640X5 mm

Sealing speed

1-4 times/minute


75 kgs

External size

390 X 720 X 700 mm